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The Doctor and Rose just complete each other. She had a humdrum life, with horizon no further than the chip shop, and he showed her the universe. She’d been so fiercely loyal to her mum, Jackie, and her boyfriend, Mickey, that she’d rarely looked beyond the confines of her council estate. Life with the Doctor allowed her to unlock all the passion and adventures inside her, though my favourite thing about Rose is that she was never a saint. She always kept a fantastic, ruthless, selfish streak at heart, which helped her to survive and never give up.

At the same time, the Doctor was damaged and scarred after the Time War and Rose taught him compassion again. She took the Doctor from being an introverted loner, who’d run away from any contact with her family, to the man who sat down and had Christmas dinner with Jackie and Mickey. In a way, she healed him, and made the Tenth Doctor out of the Ninth, which forged an incredible bond between them.

− Russell T. Davies - Radio Times interview (x)
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