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ugh you make me want to write again

I’m so glad that I can inspire that kind of want for creativity in you (DO IT, DO THE WRITING THING)

but, like, I haven’t written anything of my own in so long, it’s all just fanfic, so I don’t know how much I can take credit /falls over

(inspired by this, contains spoilers)

She believed herself for a long while. Petite, unassuming, kind — ladylike — it was a perfect cover. She looked the part, acted it flawlessly, and no one was the wiser. After all; how could anyone doubt her when she couldn’t tell the difference herself?

Deliberately, she refused to let herself linger on certain unanswered questions, though they tore at her like vultures on prey (like Titans on humans) despite her best efforts. The instructions came, and she followed them, no matter what they were; these were lessons in learning to smile, learning to give herself for the every need of others, learning to die.

who am I?

           …I should be dead.

A last breath had evaporated into the night to wish her death from the lips of the mother who’d given life to her, and she had listened.

(but Christa Renz didn’t have a mother

          Christa Renz didn’t exist)

Humanity needed her. Humanity needed her to die so that she could live to be a small, quiet, meek substitute of herself. And slowly, purpose changed her into someone else, and she believed her own lie.

          until a giant lifted the small girl onto her shoulder, and suddenly, in the light, she could see.


     It was lucky that nobody knew of Norse mythology here— that civilization had been walled away in a different part of the world and the stories hadn’t reached this human kingdom (they could call it a kingdom if they liked, but it was a cage and nothing more, ruled by the bloated and greedy, suffered by the common fool). For if they had known, they would have heard of Ymir.

"Out of Ymir’s flesh was fashioned the earth,
And the ocean out of his blood;
Of his bones the hills, of his hair the trees,
Of his skull the heavens high.”

     The progenitor of the giants and maker of the world of mankind, it was a fitting name for her to be given. After all, she had wandered countless years, seen the seas and lived in the forests, all while her instincts drove her forward towards her prey. No ordinary human would do, but humanity’s finest— the ones who would stand upon high and relive the hell that she had seen, she would be among them. She would consume them and put them to rest, put them out of the misery that she had been forced to experience.

     But there was a complication (there always was).
             For the flesh of a titan, the soul of a man—
                      its consumption changed her blood.

     And so was reborn a woman of darkness, skin to match her soul, and wide eyes as she came to know humanity firsthand. What unfortunate circumstance it would be, she thought, to meet a heart of gold.

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[yup agreed] [and will do definitely] [I’ve basically shipped them from their first argument because they kind of need each other, Eren wouldn’t be half as inspirational to the others if he wasn’t lecturing Jean and Jean needs motivating] [shh<3]



They really do, though, it’s an excellent back-and-forth relationship and they act as really good opposites for each other — since Eren just follows his heart and knows instinctively what he wants to do, and Jean has trouble finding his own direction a lot of the time, and they butt heads and everyone’s better off for it. RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. <3333

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[ Y U P ]



technically speaking I watched the anime in three days and I read the manga in another four

but that’s only bc one of the days I only read, like, one chapter, whereas the other three I sped through them like a madwoman

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